Why Sealcoating is Important
Your driveway or parking lot is an investment in your property. To protect your investment and keep it looking well maintained you want to protect your asphalt from the damaging effects of ultraviolet rays from the sun and moisture. In as little as 5 years natural and manmade elements can cause cracks and deterioration. Sealcoating blocks moisture, forming a protective barrier.

What causes asphalt to break down?
Asphalt is very susceptible to natural elements such as sun, rain, frost and ice as well as manmade elements such as fuel, oil, antifreeze and salts. These elements cause oxidation to the pavement and breakdown the oils and cohesive properties of the asphalt.

Oxidation and water penetration: Exposure to oxygen over time causes cracks in the asphalt. These cracks allow water to penetrate into the sub base, there by weakening it and reducing the strength, this can lead to more cracks that will eventually turn into potholes. This is even more pevalent in the winter during the freeze-thaw cycle. As water freeze it expands causing piece of asphalt to break off. Sealcoating reduced this effects by making the pavement more waterproof. The dark black color raises the temperature of the asphalt making water evaporate more quickly and makes ice melt more quickly in the winter.

What are the Benefits of Sealcoating?
Sealcoating protects your investment by extending the life of your asphalt. Fresh sealcoat brings back a dark black color to your driveway or parking lot giving it a clean, rich look that presents a positive image to either your home or company. Striping a freshly sealcoated parking lot enhances the appearance of the parking lot. Asphalt sealing slows down oxidation and water penetration, blocking out both natural and manmade elements.

Easier maintenance and ability to keep clean: Sealcoating fills in surface voids while coating the pavement surface. This results in a smooth and even coating making it easier to maintain year-round.

Why is crack sealing important?
Crack sealing is extremely important and a vital step in your asphalt maintenance. It prevents water and moisture from penetrating into your asphalt and eliminates the common cause of premature deterioration.

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